About Us

Welcome to Valmae Pearl,

What is Valmae Pearl? you might ask.

Valmae Pearl is a live show where after placing your order on this website, you will then be able to go to our Facebook page, and watch your order being opened live. There is nothing more exciting than watching your oysters being opened to reveal a beautiful pearl, the fun doesn't stop there. There are games to play in which you can win, oysters/pearls, charms and much more. 

My name is Simone, I am the owner and creator of this business. I'm a mum of 2 amazing children, and I became hooked on oyster openings, after watching other live shows.

After a lot of research, I decided to create Valmae Pearl. this business is 100% mine, I'm not apart of any other company. I started with a Facebook group in November 2017, and did my first opening night in December 2017.